Workflow & Capabilities

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Section 1: 4000m²
Section 2: 2200m²
Section 3: 1800m²

Machining shop, welding shop and pre-assembly hall. ext 4.000m2 (9 bridge crane units. from 8.000/32.000 Kg each)

Assembly and machinery test. Ext. 2.200m2 (2 bridge crane units 16.000 Kg each)

Sheet metal shop (folding, bending and welding) . Ext. 1.800m2 (5 bridge crane units from 5.000/16.000 Kg each)

Every welded structural component in our equipment are built in our facilities by highly qualified welders by means of MAG-MIG-TIC welding processes.

The frames of our conveyors, feeders, shredders, and other heavy size equipment are welded from structural steel previously cutted by plasma or laser means and precisely shaped by cold forming.

man welding industrial machine

DSG builds large size welded rotary drums up to 100Tm for some of our equipments, with our in-house developed methods , being such components assembled ensuring high precision and close concentricity tolerances.

Most of our equipment is assembled on high resistance welded steel frames ensuring high dimensional precision.

For those components and frames requiring precision machining, we have big size CNC Lathe, CNC Mills and machining center, which ensures the smooth perfor-mance, endurance and reliability of our products during operation, allowing the repeatability on spare parts with easy replacement.

For those big size rotating components, we have big size precision lathe and mills to ensure reliable and smooth performance of the products in operation.

We machine the frames of our own high power specially designed gearboxes and other special equipment like shredders, ball mills, extruders, etc.

For parallel or helical teeth gears, external or internal module 25 up to diameter 4.000mm

By means of highly skilled mechanics we assemble all the shafts, bearings, plates, transmission and all required elements following our internal best practice proce-dures or customer specifications.

Our modular building philosophy ensures perfect fitting of the transmission elements in low time.

Our qualified and skilled mechanics perform the assembly of specially designed gear boxes, ensuring our own capability for post-sale service.

Direct drive is our best approach for “keep-it-simple” and reliable for the big size rotary drums in some of our products.

DSG has developed an internal know-how and tooling for big size equipment assembly developed from our expertise manufacturing big size bulk material convey-ing and processing equipment.

Development and building of high torque/low-speed rotary assemblies.

High dynamics turbo machinery assembly.

Assembly of high capacity heat exchanging equipment for solid/solid, gas/solid, liquid/solid combinations.

Assembly of hydraulic and pneumatic power units for driving our moving floor silos, disintegrating rotors, shredders, etc.

Assembly of hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms for driving our moving floor silos, disintegrating rotors, shredders, etc.

Assembly of electromechanical units for driving and position controlling of our disintegrating and shredding rotors, rolling mills, elevation units, etc.